Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Still waiting...

I was due a week ago and I'm feeling a little tired of waiting... But I guess she'll be born sooner or later! I rather hope sooner.

But one of the good things about being pregnant is that I've learnt a great deal of new skills! I've learnt to be patient, because I've become very slow with everything, I cannot always remember things, and I'm pretty much always feeling tired. So sometimes it's easier just to forgive oneself. I've also (almost) learnt to leave early when I'm going somewhere (I'm always late anyway, and walking and getting dressed have become veeery slow operations), and I've learnt how it must feel to be old and not to be able to walk very fast (however, the grannies in the neighbourhood walk faster than I do!). And finally (I'm very proud of this), I've learnt how to pick up stuff from the floor with my toes! How cool is that! :D It's made playing with Miss I and Miss F a lot easier lately. And I keep dropping things on the floor, a lot.

In my previous post I promised to show you some other stuff that I've knit, so here they are:

Owlie mittens for a dear friend, in orange Hjertegarn Vidal Alpaca. Also on Ravelry.

Belmont Boot Toppers (on Ravelry) for me, made from green Yllet Ullgarn Extra:

And, of course, Tardis mittens (on Ravelry) for my lovely Mr V, made from Rauma Finullgarn, yellow and Tardis Blue ;)