Tuesday, 1 November 2011

A new beginning

A new life. (A new blog language, as well!) It's almost a year ago now that I said goodbye to my ghastly job. Now I'm over it, and finally I'm myself again. I feel so alive! And I'm studying again. This time something I really love and want to spend the rest of my working life with. When I get that far, that is. There are so many things I want to study, and I feel so free. It feels like anything's possible.

Winter seems to be on its way again, and I think I should start paying some attention to Christmas presents. There's so much to do... So many pairs of socks, mittens, scarves - I haven't even decided yet! Perhaps I should. Again, I swore I would start preparing for Christmas in September at the very latest. And here I am, again... I'll just buy everyone some chocolate.

Well, at least my stripey cardigan and socks are looking rather good! Well, at least the cardigan. Yes, stripes. Again. I love stripes. :) Well, I guess it's time for the exam books now, I'll study them together with the kitties. :)