Monday, 30 September 2013

New town, new yarn

I finally decided to take my chance and study abroad! Uppsala is a beautiful town full of history, lovely people and interesting things to study. I've also found a lovely yarn shop, YlloTyll. I've also been knitting like a maniac, even when I should be studying! It's quite worrying, really. October starts tomorrow and the weather's got very chilly. Luckily I managed to knit a beret and a matching pair of mittens in time! I really like the pattern on the beret, you can also wear it inside out! And as for the owls... Sweet little owls! I think they're really cute, but they're sleepy owls. I didn't add beads for their eyes, so now they have their eyes closed. Maybe they wake up during the night and go outside, flying around and hooting. The summer's over but my favourite flowers are still blooming!