Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Still waiting...

I was due a week ago and I'm feeling a little tired of waiting... But I guess she'll be born sooner or later! I rather hope sooner.

But one of the good things about being pregnant is that I've learnt a great deal of new skills! I've learnt to be patient, because I've become very slow with everything, I cannot always remember things, and I'm pretty much always feeling tired. So sometimes it's easier just to forgive oneself. I've also (almost) learnt to leave early when I'm going somewhere (I'm always late anyway, and walking and getting dressed have become veeery slow operations), and I've learnt how it must feel to be old and not to be able to walk very fast (however, the grannies in the neighbourhood walk faster than I do!). And finally (I'm very proud of this), I've learnt how to pick up stuff from the floor with my toes! How cool is that! :D It's made playing with Miss I and Miss F a lot easier lately. And I keep dropping things on the floor, a lot.

In my previous post I promised to show you some other stuff that I've knit, so here they are:

Owlie mittens for a dear friend, in orange Hjertegarn Vidal Alpaca. Also on Ravelry.

Belmont Boot Toppers (on Ravelry) for me, made from green Yllet Ullgarn Extra:

And, of course, Tardis mittens (on Ravelry) for my lovely Mr V, made from Rauma Finullgarn, yellow and Tardis Blue ;)

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


It's been a long time since I've written here! I know I promised to pull myself together. Well, here goes.

I've been back at home for a couple of months now and it feels lovely to be back. I really missed my husband and my cats. And my friends, of course. I have no idea how I managed to live without them for several months! And no wonder I felt lonely in Uppsala because I spent most of my time knitting in my room! I've been knitting a lot (according to my standards, anyway), so here's what I've been up to:

A pair of Viking mittens as a Christmas present for a dear friend, made from Eco-Alpaca by Viking (on Ravelry):

I started knitting a blanket (Fritidsgarn by Sandnes Garn) for our future baby a long time ago, and now that she's actually on her way, I finally finished the blanket with the help of Miss F:

This one I finished last summer, I think (yes, I know - lazy me for not posting about it here). This is made from all my favourite colours of Novita Nalle and Seitsemän veljestä:

Oooh and this is probably my favourite! I found the perfect yarn (Finullgarn by Rauma) and colours at YlloTyll, my haven in Uppsala. I started this in Uppsala and finished it here at home, but I always speak of it as the Uppsala pullover, even though it's not the only one. The buttons are from Punainen Lanka in Hakaniemen halli, here in Helsinki. Also on Ravelry.

And finally, I also finished the jumpsuit and bonnet that I started knitting a very, very long time ago (why am I so slow with my projects?). They're made from Drops Alpaca and similar buttons as in the pullover above. Here's Miu Miu, my sweet little friend from Uppsala, wearing the bonnet and her own new jumpsuit. On Ravelry.

There's still a lot of stuff I haven't showed you, but I promise I'll do that next time!